• Caroline Labouchere

The Perfect Fit

My review: "The perfect fit the first time around. I was very pleasantly surprised by the first-class service and speed of delivery. I’ll be watching out for new products regularly."

'Beija London is a lingerie and swimwear brand that responds to the needs of different cup sizes. With 3 unique sizing categories (X, Y, and Z™) we have created a collection that is beautifully practical, without compromising on style.

Beija London believes your cup size shouldn’t dictate how you shop for lingerie. Great design belongs to everyone, every day.

Using the same fabrics throughout each range, we tailor our designs to suit your shape, so style and fit always go hand in hand.'

To book your personal bra fitting click the link below:

Black Friday Sale link below:

Would love to know your thoughts on your fitting experience and on your Beija London purchase. Happy shopping ladies.

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