• Caroline Labouchere

Skincare routine

My skin has never felt so good. I am often asked what my routine is and yes I do occasionally get a pimple and tend to use a dab of alcohol which works if I'm lucky.

I use a generic makeup remover over my eyes to wipe away cream residue.

Morning and night I use Clinique no2. This is an exfoliating toner and I think I might use this forever.

My skin is softer and I actually feel like my skin glows. My skin feels really moisturised.

There seems to be a bit of controversy about eye cream. I used to buy it because I thought I should and never used it. I have however now added eye cream to my daily routine. Neutrogena eye cream is part of the Cellular Boost system and I like it. It sometimes stings /tingles on application but it is very temporary.

At night I use the Concentrate under the night cream. I do try to massage (that's a very on trend thing to do) the creams into my face when applying the creams but I’m lazy and always seem to have something better to do.

At night I use Nanolash lash serum, I have used this for over two years. My lashes are often a topic of conversation. I bought Maybelline Lash serum once on my travels as I had forgotten my Nanolash. I now use that on my brows. Think they are thickening up nicely.

I don’t wear makeup unless I’m out and about.

An under eye concealer BFF in Mary by Trinny London

Mascara Favourite of the moment is Kat von D, Go Big or Go Home.

Any lipstick will do if I can find it in the depths of my bag.

If I’m really pushing the boat out a fabulously easy foundation by Trinny London: BFF cream, you can put it on without a mirror, it’s that easy.

A dab of Lip2cheek in Veebee and I’m done.

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