• Caroline Labouchere

March 2019

Where do I start.

I ticked two things off my bucket list in January. Visiting China, running on the Great Wall and getting a Personal Best at the Dubai Marathon.

Winning my first Beauty Pageant. My second London Fashion week in February.

Speaking on my first panel at Harvey Nichols in March.

There are many exciting projects in the pipeline. It is going to be an amazing year.

Having started this journey in January 2018 I have been lucky, I have worked hard and enjoyed every moment. There have been times of self doubt. ‘Who am I to be standing here? Why me?

Where am I going? Should I, shouldn’t I?’ There are still days when I don’t want to look at Instagram. I couldn’t be more grateful or inspired by the comments but just sometimes it is overwhelming. I take the comments seriously, I read them all and I respond to most Direct messages.

There are so many Women out there step up to be counted. I am so proud of them all and love being part of the most awesome tribe. We are navigating new territories together, part of a new revolution. There are more of us than ever and we are showing the world that we must not be forgotten or ignored.

We have a voice, we are working together. Encouraging our and future generations to be kind, compassionate and realising that we don’t need to compete. There is room for all of us to shine.

No one is me, no one is you. Make yourself the best you can be. Don’t just think about it, start today. One step at a time. I used to like routine, it was comfortable and safe. Now life is exciting and unpredictable.

I will be starting a YouTube channel and would love your feedback. Is there anything you would like to hear about - anything you would like to chat live about?

I am here for you.

With love


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