• Caroline Labouchere

Last week of August

My week started with a Mac lesson at the Apple store. Video skills. There is so much to learn. I didn’t gain much memorable knowledge so maybe it’s just not my thing. There is a reason to employ experts isn’t there!

It did however make me download videos onto a hard disk. I had been meaning to do this for so long. My Mac was full and kept reminding me of my technical obesity.

Boom. This is going to take some time but I'm on the case.

I joined a shoot for Sur la Mer. A great team mostly from Jordan. Such kind people, but it was a long day. Finishing @9pm with a 'dancing in a cafe' scene. Repeated 'takes' can take the joy from the music.

The makeup however was the worst I have ever had. Apparently it is normal to come across cowboys but this was my first bad experience. No sanitiser, no moisturiser, shared brushes, shared mascara wands and lipsticks! A serious no no.

Shruti, my favourite freelance videographer, and I started making content for a story. I am creating a piece of clothing; from buying the cloth, designing, all the way through to having the item made. I’m excited to show you the result and to wearing it!

Onto another Mac lesson; this time 'Mac Basics'. My MacBook is so much more than I use it for. Every time I go back to basics I learn more. There must be a lesson in that...

Finally a busy week ended working with Ounass. They have a mostly female team. Great people. The exception was the Nars makeup artist who is a hugely talented guy. Thank you, Issam. He created a wonderful orange look, one that I never would have dreamt of, it made my blue eyes pop.

I love my job.

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