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Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour

All-Over Miracle Oil

My go to travel companion.  Easy to use, dry oil for hair, body and face. 3 in one product.

Iconic, subtle, clean scent.

Frederic Malle, Portrait of a Lady

Caroline 1.JPG

My Fragrance:

I have worn this for a few years and find it very individual. In fact I don’t think I have ever come across someone wearing it.

I do borrow my husband’s (Creed, Aventus) if I’m racing out of the door as it is closer to hand.

I have just met Gris Dior which I haven’t bought but was drawn too obviously because of the name. It smells great too.

Blinq I-Lash

I am totally using this for the rest of my life and have been using it for about three years or so.  My brows have always been naturally thick but are thinning now.  I also have about three grey hairs on my left brow.
It only took a few weeks to see a difference in the length of my lashes.  I use it on my brows  (my brows are totally natural) too and it works.
The redness of the skin close to the line of my top lashes (I only put it on the top) may be due to the use of Blinq, it doesn’t bother me at all.   
My brows were laminated by the @BrowStudioDubai (recommendation: Vanessa).
I like the effect of spiky upward brows and it fills in the gaps that are appearing. It only lasted about 3-4 weeks., although I think it was quoted nine weeks. 
I have been saying I will never Microblade mainly because it can look so fake; curiosity got the better of me and I did it.  I am so happy I visited @browsbysuman (London and Dubai).  Tiny tattoo hairs in little gaps, my brows look completely natural and it lasts for about three months.  Let’s see.

Tan-Luxe, The Face, Self Tan Drops

Tanning Drop

I have tested five.  See my review.
I try one drop and increase when I know the strength /colour of the product. Less is more, mix it with a moisturiser of some sort, my advice would be to moisturise your brows first so the colour doesn’t get trapped in the hairs.

Belle Brush

Belle Brush

I did not believe that any brush could do what this claims. IT CAN!  Gobsmacked.
Totally amazed and I’m not pulling hair out with my brush anymore.

Avéne Cold Cre


Avene Cold cream available from most pharmacies. Totally nourishing and what I use most days and on top of my Tretinoin if my skin is dry.
Only because I like it.  I use Charlotte Tilbury, the smell and glow I get from it make me feel good when I am not wearing makeup and meeting up with people.  It is enough. Magic Serum Crystal Elixir and Magic cream.

Fenty Beauty, Concealer


I dab this on any imperfections, over my moisturiser. There are an incredible 50 shades.

Huda Beauty, Wishful Glow Enzyme Scrub

Again not needed but I like using this fine scrub occasionally.

Oil Cleanser, Desavery


Skincare Routine:

Oil cleanser (it is the only thing that removes the Zinc sunscreen I have to wear when swimming.
I am new to face cleansing with oil.  I am now converted. The smell is sublime, relaxing and perfect for a bedtime routine. 

Trinny London, BB Cream

BB Cream

With an added SPF 30 this cream evens out my skin tone.  Perfect if you aren’t a fan of foundation, I can put this on even without a mirror.  

Furless, Permanent Hair emoval


Hair Removal
I have tried shaving my face, this does work well especially if I have a beauty shoot with close-ups.  The hairs grow back just as they were, no stubble. 
Plucking those odd hairs (more since the HRT, Testosterone intake) is fine.  I do find as my eyesight gets worse I am more likely to miss those hairs though.
Waxing my mo always creates little spots on my upper lip, I think I started waxing when I was about 16.
Threading has had its phase, it works well and I am always astounded at the sharp line that can be created on a brow.  It is fast and easily accessible.
I had a few sessions of Laser hair removal on my bikini area, it definitely worked. Traditional IPL/Laser machines only use the melanin (the colour) in the hair to absorb the pulsed light, this destroys the follicle.  There is no melanin in White, Grey or Red hair so I have now missed that boat for any hair removal. 
Electrolysis. Dr Natalia, Mimi (my daughter) and I went on a girls trip to Furless in Dubai. 
It was more medical, clinical than I imagined.  Furless takes this process seriously.   
We were on a mission to sort out upper lips, chins and toes. Dr Natalia had brought in her own special numbing cream, it wasn’t strong enough!  Electrolysis hurts a lot.  We all cried.  
Was it worth it, yes.  Would I do it again, yes.
We were all impressed with the results.  We had a tiny bit of swelling and redness but it didn’t last.     The follicle is destroyed which means that hair will not grow back, new hairs continue to grow around it though (we have 124 - 200 hairs per square centimetre), hence we will being going back for another session soon.. 





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Fashion / Wardrobe Staples

Screen Shot 2020-09-07 at 4.29.15 PM.png

My all time favourite Sweaty Betty trousers.


Gary Yoga Pants


Sweaty Betty Refresh T-Shirt

My favourite white t-shirt and I have many!


Sweaty Betty Refresh T-shirt


For ultimate every day luxury.

My favourite cardigan is currently ‘ON SALE’





YES.  I have had botox on and off since my 30’s.  Back in the day living in Germany a girlfriend and I would  visit a GP who would balance his ‘how to’ book on our stomachs as he injected our foreheads.  We didn’t ever have a disaster thank heavens.  I would walk through the town with Emla and plastic wrap on my face covered with a woolly hat and coat collar.

Things have changed a bit now.  I am still happy for most people to botox my forehead and just maybe my eyes.  Anything below has to be with someone I totally trust.  @drnataliaspierings of course is my first port of call.  

I have had botox in my chin and in the corners of my mouth, I am obsessed with not having a sad mouth.  My neck and yes it worked.  My knees and no sadly this made no difference.


Plasma-Rich Protein (PRP)

A PRP (Vampire) facial helps tighten, smooth and improve skin tone. I do believe it did this.
Plasma-rich protein (PRP), combines plasma and platelets from your blood. 

The blood is spun in a centrifuge to extract protein-rich plasma. The platelets are extracted and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is created.

The plasma is spread on your face and then microneedling across your cheeks and forehead is used to help your face absorb the proteins.
Both PRP and microneedling stimulate collagen growth.

This is supposed to attack the skin in two layers: beneath the skin and on top of it.


Ultherapy, a noninvasive way to firm areas like the chin, neck and décolleté. It's based on the same technology used in radiology for ultrasound imaging. 

Sound wave energy goes through your skin to penetrate the muscle of the area that is being treated. It causes the muscle to contract (extremely uncomfortable) and shrink, which aesthetically results in a firming, wrinkle-smoothing, and contouring effect.  It can cause numbness which it did for me for a few months which was a little worrying 

It hurts like hell, I honestly have not noticed a difference and wouldn’t have it again.