2020 has been very hard on many of us.  As we come to terms with a changed and changing environment, lots of us need a little support.

Perhaps you know that you could be a better version of yourself but you are not sure how to get started.  You need some encouragement and support from someone who understands a little of how you are feeling and where you might want to go.

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Caroline is a qualified Coach and member of the Association for Coaching and is offering introductory Coaching Packages at much-reduced rates to help her clients emerge strongly from the Covid-19 crisis.

Imagine being coached by Caroline.


She is offering:

‘COVID Recovery’ prices (everyone has been hit hard and Caroline is discounting her normal rates by 50% until the end of the year).

An introductory 45-minute session at £53.00:

Caroline is a great listener and will ask questions so that you can find the right answers to the obstacles that are preventing you from being your best self.  She will focus on controlling what you can control and utilizing your strengths to get to where you want to be.

A six-week follow-on package at £270.00:
Caroline will help with goal setting in areas most important to you.  In a series of six, weekly sessions of an hour each, tailored specifically to your needs, she will help you decide what to do and how to do it.  In a safe, private, personal, and confidential environment she will guide your thinking and support your decisions and actions.  She will help you focus on specific areas where you are at your best, eliminate obstacles and emerge a stronger, better, more confident version of yourself.


Marjane, Portugal

* I was initially pretty nervous but you made me feel relaxed.
* It was reassuring to know our discussion would be confidential. 
* I felt comfortable talking to you because I’ve seen a few of your live chats on Insta - someone who was not aware of your online presence may feel shy. You rectified that by telling me a little about your background.
* I felt at ease sharing personal information because you because you also shared some information about yourself and it felt like we were having a supportive discussion rather than me over-sharing. 
* I felt your advice made sense and was intelligent - going to see Dr. Marie and writing my anxiety thoughts down.
* On the whole I went away feeling better, empowered and supported. 
* You have a good energy about you Caroline and if I mean WHEN I get my job I would seriously consider signing up as a client of yours! 

Anita, UK

- I enjoyed talking about my thoughts aloud, I felt you listened, heard, and asked the right questions to encourage my train of thinking. 
I came away feeling positive, optimistic, and excited, in fact, I decluttered my clothes (I’m a minimalist, dislike too much choice & love the idea of a capsule wardrobe)

- I discovered it’s ok to say ‘no’ and to organise my week according to how I feel

-  I think if a person had a lot of changes they wanted to make, they would need regular sessions to fortify and maintain the momentum.

- You were relaxed, optimistic, and encouraged me to come to my own achievable conclusions.

- I thoroughly enjoyed our session: I felt so positive afterwards. You have a wonderful presence and I found talking to you so uplifting (and fun!). My feedback is all good.
I have signed up to a proofreading and editing course which will give me the confidence to go down that road and put myself out there. I start tomorrow as it’s all online. I’d be more than happy to carry on with sessions if it’s at all helpful for you. 
Thank you for your time - it really helped me to slot things into place. You’re obviously a natural.